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BipolarLife 101 Mission Statement

BipolarLife 101 provides online mental health support along with online tools such as mental health articles, blogs and more to help those battling mental health issues. BipolarLife101 helps people learn to live life with a mental illness, strives to help end stigma, and assist the community, friends and family gain a better understanding of mental health issues.bq-o-rtl.png

BipolarLife101.com: An informative and powerful mental health online tool

About Bipolarlife101 Mental Health

BipolarLife101.com is not only concerned with Bipolar Disorder but was developed on the foundation of educating people affected by mental health, in one way or another. Providing an informative mental health website, social media, online tools, along with website visitors; everyone suffering from a mental illness can help each other, even if it’s in the smallest manner. Whether through the forum, blogs, Twitter or future tools, we can make sure that no one has to suffer through a difficult time alone. It is the goal of BipolarLife101 to be a powerful online tool educating so many who struggle with mental illness.

It’s also vital to educate friends, family, parents, spouses and anyone affected by someone who suffers from a mental illness. Friends and family can find it very difficult to comprehend mental illness, and relating to a loved one living with mental illness; that’s near impossible to understand. Explaining to friends and family in simpler terms, along with everyday examples may help them relate and better understand love one's mental illness. We're all in this together and working together, we’re stronger together.

BipolarLife101 a Closer Look

1) Help others connect and learn about their mental illness.

Over sixty million Americans of all ages suffer from some form of mental health disorder in a given year. No matter if you suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, or another mental illness, you’re never alone in this battle. Is this going to be difficult? Absolutely! However, the truth is you will get better with treatment, commitment, and hard work. You’ll be able to live a fantastic life and be a productive member of the community, who just happens to have a mental illness.

2) Help friends and family understand and relate to mental health in simple terms.

We push away the people closest to us. Families are destroyed and in most instances neither has any idea what is happening inside their love one’s mind. Support is one of the keys to helping someone with a mental illness, but what about support and educating people who live with a person suffering from a mental illness disorder. Being able to relate and learn in simple everyday terms about their loved one’s mental illness, will assist in understanding how to help a friend, family member or spouse battling mental health issues.

3) Plenty of tools and information to help support everyone in this battle together.

Working with other websites and publications, BipolarLife101 continues to add news articles, educational materials, resources, blogs and information all focused on mental health. Tools such as social media and the BipolarLife101 Forum allow our visitors to connect with people who may need advice or just want to learn more about mental health disorders.

Smile…Laugh…Live Life


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