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Ryan Shiloh


I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist or mental health therapist. My name is Ryan Shiloh, and like millions of other people around the globe, I wake up each morning and battle mental illness.

When I finally got my mental illness under control; that does not mean I don't have rough days. I do. However, once I studied and listened to many stories regarding mental health, I knew I could help. I've always been a good speaker and knew speaking to anyone affected by mental illness was my calling. When I speak I make sure that my mental health speaking engagements are informative, honest and motivational. I also like to add some comedy, I was born with a mental illness and a goofy gene.

It’s easy to forget that many people, including doctors, nurses, police officers, family, and friends in addition to people who suffer from mental illness, may have very little or no understanding of mental health issues. Let’s be honest, most of us become bored or confused listening to someone talking about neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, synapses and dozens of terms along with theories they may not understand. Mental health is a very confusing and a scary topic with plenty of misconceptions. Over the years I have found many in the medical field including mental health professionals, first responders, human resources, government, family and friends and people who suffer from mental illness, want to listen and gain knowledge from someone who lives with mental illness every day and speaks openly and honestly about their battles with mental illness.

So, how am I different from every other speaker? What sets me apart?

First, I like to laugh and add comedy and off the wall moments to my mental health talks. At times, I even use curse words in some of my talks. It’s not that I’m being disrespectful or have a dirty mouth; or that I'm trying to be cool. I see curse words more as a sentence and topic enhancer.

Second, I keep mental illness simplified. I don’t use scientific terms but use everyday objects and life situations that people can understand; this way everyone in the audience can grasp an understanding of mental health.

Third, I’m honest. I live with mental illness every day, so I know the true power of mental health issues. With so many people affected by mental illness in one form or another, plenty of support and education are needed. And I don't mind being honest, as long as people are learning about mental health.

I want each person to learn about mental illness from someone who actually does battle their illness every day.

In the end, I try to follow a few simple words each day - Smile…Laugh…Live Life. You are strong and together we’re so much stronger! That’s the message I send to each person during my talks!


Ryan F Shiloh

Mental Illness Speaker Ryan Shiloh

Ryan F. Shiloh
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