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BipolarLife 101 provides online mental health support along with online tools such as mental health articles, blogs and more to help those battling mental health issues. BipolarLife101 helps people learn to live life with a mental illness, strives to help end stigma, and assist the community, friends and family gain a better understanding of mental health issues.bq-o-rtl.png


"Mental Health Coping Skill"

Some people have a hard time talking about their feelings and what's going on inn their lives. Journaling lets people write their feelings on paper and in return they can release anger, shame, sadness and other emotions.

It's also a good tool to use with your mental health therapist. It's hard to remember all your feelings over a period of time, with journaling you can review good and bad days with your therapist. It may also help you find a pattern with your bad days and emotions for specific events and people. Journaling can help you find which coping skills work for you.



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21 December 2018
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17 December 2018
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