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BipolarLife 101 Mission Statement

BipolarLife 101 provides online mental health support along with online tools such as mental health articles, blogs and more to help those battling mental health issues. BipolarLife101 helps people learn to live life with a mental illness, strives to help end stigma, and assist the community, friends and family gain a better understanding of mental health

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Elena Grebennikova
13 December 2017
Just as I’m writing this, I have my ear-plugs on, not to hear any disturbing sounds from the outsid...
Elena Grebennikova
13 December 2017
Some may say I’m too choosy about normals. But most of all I hate stigma, not normal people. Am I r...
Elena Grebennikova
12 December 2017
Stumbled across such term as “backfire effect”. It clearly explained to me why people react the opp...

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